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At the SSV Podcast, we have a few simple missions: first, to tell our stories, to each other, and to the world. Second, to help straight spouses heal. We do this by interviewing guests with varying expertise and wisdom to share. And finally, to encourage discussion and insight. We do this by featuring guests with diverse perspectives and experiences relating to mixed orientation relationships.

While it is not our goal to be controversial, we don’t shy away from controversy either. Sometimes we feature guests with unorthodox ideas, or contentious topics that give rise to strong opinions. We believe in letting straights make up their own minds about these guests, topics and ideas. We know some people will appreciate these discussions, and some will not. We know some listeners will object to certain episodes, and other listeners will appreciate those very same episodes.

We have always understood that not every straight spouse will like or be helped by every episode, but we have always hoped that every straight spouse will find help and validation in most episodes, even if there are a few they dislike or disagree with.

Not every straight spouse experience is the same, and therefore not every straight spouse will be helped in the same way or by the same resources. That’s why we strive for a diversity of perspectives and topics.

We make several feedback options available for all listeners: listeners can comment on the original episode posts on our SSN Facebook page, and they can comment directly on the episode on our website. All comments are moderated for respectfulness, but discussion and feedback are welcome. In addition, we have the email address for more direct feedback.

Apr 15, 2019

Today, Eric describes his personal journey coming to terms with his homosexuality, his misery over acting out sexually outside of his marriage, his determination to come out to his wife, and how their mixed orientation marriage works today. Eric also shares with us the mission of GAMMA, the Gay and Married Men’s Association, who welcome all men who are married to women, but who are sexually attracted to men, whether they identify as gay or not.

Eric describes his own reaction to his sexual encounters with men in the 80’s: “By that time, we were right smack dab in the middle of the AID’s crisis, and so the terror of what I risked, not just my marriage, not just what I felt I owed my wife, but I risked her safety and my safety. And I remember going through these terrible times where I asked myself what would I do if I ever turned HIV positive, and my reaction was, ‘I could never tell her,’ and I would have to kill myself. I couldn’t face my kids, and I couldn’t face her."