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Happy New Year friends! Our year-end fundraising campaign is officially complete and with your generous help we raised $13,658 to serve straight spouses in need. From all of us at SSN, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your donations allow us to provide important support and resources that straight spouses can't find anywhere else. Learn more >>>


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Sep 15, 2019

Dan Cartlidge tells the story of his two marriages, both to gay women. As his first wife pursued sexual relationships with women, he shares the toll her lack of desire for him took on his psyche, to the point that he was willing to sacrifice anything, including his sex life, in order to save his marriage. “You just get beaten down slowly, slowly, slowly. Your psyche just gets chipped away. I was having a hard time calling myself a man, I was so beat down, and so afraid to lose everything that I was willing to make some really stupid sacrifices, and not look out for me.” Dan shares how he recovered over time with the help of others who had been through the same thing, and how the love of his new fiancée helped him heal.

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