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Oct 16, 2018

In today’s episode, I talk to Sara about the discovery of her husband’s 14 years of infidelity with men, her diagnosis of PTSD related to the relationship betrayal in her marriage, which echoed back to her sexual assault as a teen. We talk about how she found her healing and clarity in nature by hiking, running, and paddle boarding. Sara shares how she has used her experience as the fuel for a new career helping others heal from their own trauma.

In her own words on the compound trauma of sexual assault combined with relationship betrayal: “I was so deeply traumatized, I can’t even put words too it. The PTSD that just shakes every cell within your body is mind numbing… What happens is that when you go through another traumatic experience like this, it also brings up the trauma from the past, which I hadn’t really worked through, I now realized… I realized that it was like ‘Wow, I’ve got to address all this stuff,’ which is exactly what I did, through my own trauma healing, and through nature, and through seeking help and getting the right support.”