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Nov 30, 2019

Today on the show, Executive Director of the Straight Spouse Network Kelly Holliman walks us through strategies and tips for getting through the upcoming holidays post discovery or disclosure that a spouse is LGBT. We talk about creating space for yourself when you need it, establishing new traditions with the kids, and yes, canceling Christmas. Because sometimes, you just can’t even!


Kelly also shares her own story of becoming a straight spouse, including when she realized what her relationship was modeling for her children. “That became really important to me that my children were going to think that a good marriage was a roommate situation. I wanted more for my kids.” She also wanted more for herself. “I had all these epiphanies and one of them was that my needs were just important as his needs. So, he may have a need to not have sex… but I have a need to have intimacy, and that’s not less important than his need not to.”