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Our hope with this podcast is to be a resource and a comfort for straight spouses as we navigate the tremendous life changes that accompany finding out we are married to an LGBT spouse, no matter where we are in our journey. Whether we are in the first throes of shock after discovery or disclosure, or we are 10 years post-divorce, or living in a mixed orientation marriage. We want to create a forum of frank and open discussion so we can talk about difficult, intimate and sometimes controversial topics. We look for community, healing and growth in each other’s stories, as we share our grief, our pain, our recoveries, and our triumphs.

At the SSV Podcast, we have a few simple missions: first, to tell our stories, to each other, and to the world. Second, to help straight spouses heal. We do this by interviewing guests with varying expertise and wisdom to share. And finally, to encourage discussion and insight. We do this by featuring guests with diverse perspectives and experiences, and even controversial views that give rise to strong opinions.

We know not every straight spouse experience is the same, and therefore not every straight spouse will be helped in the same way or by the same resources. That’s why we strive for a diversity of perspectives and topics.

And we know that not every straight spouse will appreciate or be helped by every episode, but we do hope that every straight spouse will find some episodes helpful.

We make several feedback options available for all listeners: listeners can comment on the original episode posts on our SSN Facebook page, and they can comment directly on the episode on our website. All comments are moderated for respectfulness, but discussion and feedback are welcome. In addition, we have the email address for more direct feedback.

The Voices Podcast is funded by the Straight Spouse Network (SSN), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides support to straight spouses and partners who have discovered that their spouse/partner isn’t straight. Your donations allow us to provide important support and resources that straight spouses can't find anywhere else.

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Feb 1, 2020

Guest Emma Bryn’s childhood was overshadowed by her father’s gender transition. By age 12, she had developed a severe eating disorder to cope. “For me, it was like my father had died,” she says. To acknowledge that loss would cast a negative shadow over her father’s transition, so her grief wasn’t permitted. “What was expected of me was absolute, 100% compliance. I couldn’t show any negative emotions at all.” Accidentally calling her parent “Daddy” provoked a violent and traumatic rebuke that still haunts her. “My language was policed so much.”

She notes that for many children of gender transitioners, “lots of people’s feelings depend on you suppressing yours." Emma hopes to use her story as a cautionary tale to encourage parents to allow children to express the full range of their emotions, even the unpleasant ones, during a parent’s gender transition.

* Note: The term transexual (used in the show) is still widely accepted in the U.K. We recognize that in the U.S. the preferred term is transgender.