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Mar 15, 2019

Today Russ discusses the dissolution of his marriage after the discovery of a love letter from his wife’s female paramour. Russ is known affectionately among Straight Spouses for the humorous and epic grudge against his ex-wife that he has nursed for over two decades. In this heartwarming episode, he shares how carrying that anger has impacted him, how it has both fueled and hindered him, and he encourages listeners to validate their anger, and then hopefully, release it.

In Russ’s own words: “I have not forgiven yet. Me and lies don’t go well together. Anger can be good, and for our newbies, you deserve to be angry…but don’t hold onto it. Being this angry for this long is a lot of work. I don’t want anybody else to be like this. Don’t carry it, it’s a heavy, heavy weight.”